3D Vista Custom Skin

3D Vista Custom Skin

Today we are exploring how to create a single project website to creatively display your projects using 3D Vista and the custom skin(template) we created.

In our opinion, one of the best ways to learn 3D Vista is to explore other projects to see how they are set up!    Therefore, in addition to the instructional tutorial showing you how to use the custom skin (template) we created, we are also providing a link below so that you can download and use the skin (template) on your own projects for free!  It is our hope that between the video and the fee skin (template) you will be able to pick up some valuable tips and tricks to help you take your 3D Vista projects to the next level!

We created this single project website for two purposes.  The first purpose was to be able to send our clients a single project website (click HERE to see example).  The second purpose was to showcase our projects on our website/portfolio (click HERE to see example).    Of course, your business is unique to you, so you may have different designs on how to use it.  We would love to hear how you intend to use this skin (template) in the comments below!

Link to download the custom skin we created:


Tutorial on how to edit the custom skin: