Furniture & Decor

With so many options out there, the prospect of adding furniture and decor to a project can seem overwhelming. Our unique furniture & decor system takes the guesswork and stress out of the process.

Phase 1 – Initial Design Consultation - Furniture Decor

Phase 1 – Initial Design Consultation

During the initial design consultation, we seek to obtain a high-level understanding of the clients overall desired style and function of the space.  We will walk through the project taking inventory of all the furniture and decor items that will be needed in order to deliver the desired results.

Phase 2 – Budget

After the initial consultation we will prepare a proposal that include our pricing and a recommended budget based on the information the client provided us.  For more information on budgeting please download our, “How to Budget for Furniture and Decor” PDF Here.

Phase 2 - Budget - Furniture Decor
Phase 3 - Product Selection - Furniture Decor

Phase 3 – Product Selection

After the design concept and budget have been established, we specify the furniture and decor.  By displaying the items chosen for the project in a graphically pleasing composition clients can see pictures of the selections and how they work together as a whole.

Phase 4 – 3D Visualizations

By adding physically accurate representations of the selections to a 3D Model our clients can view and approve the project before anything is ordered or built.

Phase 4 - 3D Visualizations - Furniture Decor
Phase 5 - Installations - Furniture Decor

Phase 5 – Installation

After the project has been approved, we then order, coordinate and install everything.  The end result is a highly personal and custom designed space that our clients can enjoy for years to come!


Before Example - Furniture & Decor Middleton Inc.


After Example - Furniture & Decor Middleton Inc.

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