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Middleton Inc. provides two different types of interior design services for homeowners and business owners in the Raleigh Triangle NC Area, remodel/new construction and furniture & decor. Our unique process will help you define exactly what you want before anything is ordered or built! Aside from the design plans in step 4 the process for both construction and furniture & decor are very similar.

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Step 1: Design Concept

The most important part of a project is producing an overall plan and design concept. We work with you until we have a solid understanding of your desired functionality and design style. Once this stage is done, we use to this to drive the rest of the project.

Step 2: Item Selections

We work with you in selecting the items that fit the project design concept. Choosing these items before the project begins gives you peace of mind and helps reduce financial surprises after the project has already begun.

Home Owners Remodel New Middleton Inc.
Home Owners 3D Visualizations Middleton Inc.

Step 3: 3D Visualizations

By including physically accurate design selections from step 2 in your 3D model, you will be able to visualize, adjust and approve the project before anything is ordered or built! Please see Visualizations for more details.

Step 4: Design Plans

(Construction only)
Our Design Plans include everything your contractor needs to complete the project according to the approved Design Concept, Selections and 3d Visualizations. These plans will help you obtain accurate bids from contractors, communicate your design and keep everyone involved in the project on track.

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